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Printer fix after installing Ubuntu 10.10 (Lexmark E120n)

Yesterday I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 and today when I tried to print out some work I got an unpleasant surprise:

As always Ubuntu found my Lexmark E120n drivers when I turned on the printer, but when I tried to print out my work the it just made it’s usual noises and movements but without grabbing any paper. First I thought that it maybe were broken, but then I remember that I used the printer yesterday with Ubuntu 10.04 and it worked just fine. So I tested it with Peppermint Ice, and later with the Ubutntu 10.04 live CD were it worked like a charm.

So I’m pretty sure this is a Ubuntu 10.10 issue, I don’t know if other than me are affected, anyway this is the fix I found after realizing that I could manually edit the .ppd file:

  1. Download lex120n.txt (it’s an old .ppd file, I just had to change the file name to be able to upload it)
  2. Open “Nautilus” as root (gksudo nautilus)
  3. Goto /etc/cups/ppd
  4. Open the file named Lexmark-E120n.ppd
  5. Copy all the text from lex120n.txt and paste it into  Lexmark-E120n.ppd (after removing all the text of course)
  6. Restart and voilà, the printer works properly again ^^

You can also rename lex120n.txt into Lexmark-E120n.ppd and move it to /etc/cups/ppd instead of copying and pasting.

Thanks to the people that tried to help me at before I found the solution myself :)


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