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How to make desktop shortcuts to Java programs in Ubuntu

My first problem when I changed from Windows XP to Ubuntu was: How do I get CGoban (Java Program) to work in Ubuntu? And how do I get it to launch from my desktop?

  1. Download CGoban from KGS, and choose to save it [link]
    (I will recommend you to save it in your home directory so it’s easier to find)
  2. Open it Java Web Start (right click and choose) to check that the file works
  3. Go to your desktop and right click choose the option from the menu that makes you create a short cut.
  4. Write in your preferences (NOTE: You have to choose the option that makes it open your file as a “location”)

To make CGoban appear in you menu just do the same in you menu editor (right click at he Ubuntu icon on the start menu)

If you want to make a customised icon for CGoban it’s really easy just click on the icon in Preferences and choose the icon you like (you can even choose a picture).

My icon is actually Bergen Goklubb’s logo (which I designed by the way) ^^

CGoban running like a charm in Ubuntu 9.04:


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